Play. Learn. Create.

Wildcards is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way for beginners to learn about robotics, circuits, and engineering. Each kit containts contains a Wildcards Board (with built in leds, push buttons, a buzzer, and 4 connectors), a servo motor, a vibration motor, a rotary knob, a light sensor, a sound sensor, and 3 alligator cables so you can turn almost anything into a button.

electronic programming kit circuit card for eduction

Block-based Code Editor

No programming experience? Easily program your Wildcards circuit using our intuitive, graphical programming environment called the Code Editor!

Project Cards Make Learning Easy

Project cards start off introducing the child to basis usage and works toward having them solve design challenges. They will be able to turn their ideas into inventions.

block based coding interface based on MIT Scratch

Fun and Easy

Independently create and explore without frustration because Wildcards is designed to be easy.


Save money. We believe STEM education should be affordable, so we work hard to keep costs low.

Teaches Problem Solving

Develop problem solving skills by fearlessly exploring our resilient hardware and software environment.

Promotes STEM Learning

Get a head start on STEM education because Wildcards makes electronics accessible and practical.

Enables Creativity

Children and adults can quickly and easily prototype creative ideas with Wildcards and Wildmodules.

Develops Important Skills

Develop critical thinking skills and useful concepts like controls, logic, and math with Wildcards.