Wildcards is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to learn about coding, electronics, and engineering. They are programmable, expandable circuit boards that are used for electronics-based projects. Wildcards teaches problems solving, develops critical thinking skills, and promotes STEM learning.

They can be anything, so you can make everything

Enrich your home or classroom for STEM learning with fun, easy, and inexpensive Wildcards. Children and adults alike can make, tinker, learn, and play with the Wildcards board.

Powered by Wildcards Code Editor

No programming experience? No problem. Easily program your Wildcards circuit using our intuitive, graphical programming environment called the Code Editor!

Expand your Ideas with Wildmodules

Customize your projects by connecting Wildmodules which lets you do even more, like control motors, sense light, or measure temperature.

Small form factor

Designed for comfort, The small size of Wildcards and its easy-to-read labels make it inviting to carry around.


Easily connect up to 4 Wildmodules to your board, giving it light sensors, servo motors, and more.

Push Buttons

Easily customize interactions with the Widlcards Code Editor and modules with the two built-in push buttons on all Wildcards.

Familiar USB Connection

Enjoy the convenience of a simple, standard USB interface to control your Wildcards Board.

Any Button

Create a button from anything (like fruit, or even your body!) by connecting alligator clips to special pads.

Buzzer and LEDs

Generate auditory and visual outputs using the built in buzzer and four programmable LEDs on all Wildcards.

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